Parameterized helpers#

param.parameterized.Event(what, name, obj, ...)

Object representing an event that triggers a Watcher.

param.parameterized.Watcher(*args, **kwargs)

Object declaring a callback function to invoke when an Event is triggered on a watched item.

batch_watch(parameterized[, enable, run])


Context manager to batch events to provide to Watchers on a parameterized object.


Return a dictionary containing all subclasses of the specified parentclass, including the parentclass.

depends(func, *dependencies[, watch, on_init])

Annotates a function or Parameterized method to express its dependencies.


Context manager that discards any events within its scope triggered on the supplied parameterized object.


Temporarily set parameters on Parameterized object to constant=False to allow editing them.

output(func, *output, **kw)

output allows annotating a method on a Parameterized class to declare that it returns an output of a specific type.


Appends a transform to extract potential parameter dependencies from an object.

param.parameterized.resolve_ref(reference[, ...])

Resolves all parameters a dynamic reference depends on.

param.parameterized.resolve_value(value[, ...])

Resolves the current value of a dynamic reference.

script_repr(val[, imports, prefix, ...])

Variant of pprint() designed for generating a (nearly) runnable script.